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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules:

1 - Using more than one account is not permitted and will most likely result in a ban.
2 - Please post in the correct sub-forum.
3 - Posts must be in the English language, using proper English rather than "text speak".
4 - Don't post in a spammy fashion. Here's what we mean by that:
-- Be sure to use text decorations sparingly when posting. Large-size font, colors, all caps, and so forth can help with clarity, organization, or emphasis, but simply using these features to personalize or add flare to your posts is not allowed.
-- Don't use the forums as a chat room. In general, threads are meant cover a specific topic, so keep that in mind when creating them!
-- Do not spam posts with 'lol' or a smiley with no further input.
-- Post your messages only once. The repetitions are unpleasant and useless!
5 - Refrain from the attack, insult, flame, defame, aggressive or slanderous messages, the coarseness and vulgarities. and don’t belittle, make fun off, or abuse members or non-members.
6 - If you are looking for an answer to a specific question, first try a search using likely keywords.
7 - Spamming is strictly forbidden. This includes posts about politics or religion.
8 - Posting download links to or asking for illegal or commercial material is not allowed.
Links to Videos, Ebooks and PDFs (Chess Material)
9 - Posting download links to private material without the owner's permission is not allowed.
10 - If an opening book/engine is a clone of another book/engine through forum member investigation, the book/engine will be marked, "clone". The only way to delete the clone books/engines, the original author must send a complaint about the clone book/engine containing all the evidences in the Opening Books/Chess Engines sub-forum.
11 - Posting links to sites that offer illegal material is not permitted.
12 - Do not post links with an unknown password.
13 - Forum management cannot be held responsible for problems resulting from any downloaded files.
14 - If you have a problem with another member, send a private message to a moderator.
15 - Moderators reserve the right to remove posts that infringe these rules without notice.
16- Posting download links to 4shared site as forbidden
17- It is strictly forbidden to publish material for chess robots
18- It is forbidden to advertise products for profit and to put forward sales offers without the permission of the Administrators.

Violations of these rules could result in actions ranging from a warning to a ban.